Eli Russell Linnetz, founder and creative director of ERL and one of the last designers to keep pop culture (in fashion) alive, has returned to the industry’s news with the presentation of his new collection,Made in California”.

The state where he was born and developed as a person is always a source of inspiration for him, there is no doubt about it, just take a look at the previous proposals presented. His latest one is no less so, and all the garments that make it up exude Californian vibes.

Another feature that usually stands out in each of Russell’s works is the colour palette chosen, always with one colour that rises above the rest. In this case, it has been gold, related to abundance, prosperity, and well-being; values that are said to be found in this area of the United States. This tone, derived from yellow, has been in charge of dyeing the most special pieces of the collection, such as the oversized jacket, the handbag, and chaps worth 28,000 dollars. These three items, already viral, have been made with wool from sheared sheep and shearling waste from local farmers.

In addition to the most feared colour by the superstitious, red and brown have also been present, and have taken over the rest of the wardrobe, like jackets, knitwear, shirts, trousers of different types, and athleisure-style garments. In short, more casual clothes can be seen in the streets of the main cities of California, United States, or anywhere else in the world.

“Made in California” collection by ERL is now available for purchase on its website. Check it out below: