If we had to relate the work presented so far by designer Eli Russell Linnetz, founder and creative director of ERL, to a song, it would be “This is America” by Childish Gambino. And no, before you say anything, that connection has nothing to do with the lyrics, but with the American designs, as they are a clear reflection of how young people dress today in some areas of the US.

California is the state where Eli is originally from and one of his sources of inspiration. Everything that surrounds it generates a feeling in him, transferred then to his field of design, to which only he and a few of his colleagues have access. Together they have managed to make the brand one of the most revered of the moment, especially among Gen Z and millennials, and no wonder, because who today does not want to own a garment from ERL? Only lovers of classic/timeless clothing would say no.

Timelessness is not something the designer masters, but neither can you get A’s in every subject. Sometimes even the greatest fail. Linnetz may not be the best at that, but what he is and will be is in creativity, given that he has superior skills that he has once again employed in developing his new collection.

Fall/Winter 2024 by ERL returns to pay homage to American culture and the world of sport, specifically two, rugby and ice hockey. Part of the line has revolved around them, and the first looks that appear in the lookbook can corroborate this, as well as the clothes that make them up, such as the T-shirts with letters and numbers in the purest American style, the sweatshirts worn with trousers and mittens, or the sports outfits that could be worn for warm-ups and are reminiscent of the video clip of the iconic song “Call on me” by Eric Prydz.

Music should not be missing in any human being’s life, otherwise it would be more boring. In Russell’s, there is no lack of it, so much so that he wanted to give it a special nod in some of the looks at the end of the proposal, worn by the models who pose with rock star attitude and outfits finished off with studs. Life is a party, that’s right, and particularly the one some superstars have, surrounded by events and glamour. On these occasions, the artists dress up as what they are, forgetting to go unnoticed and donning zebra and pink outfits and matching them with each other. When they arrive on site, they have a good time and hold on until the body says enough. The day after going out is usually the hardest, and by that time they change their smart attire for more casual and relaxed outfits to spend a nice day with friends, either in the park or at the skating rinks, where the boys wear sweatshirts or hoodies, plaid or striped shirts, T-shirts, and pocket trousers with sneakers.

ERL is shaping the present of fashion in America and Europe and looks set to be part of the future as well. Check out the Fall/Winter 2024 collection below: