Egosex is stirring up the music scene with “Same Mouth,” the latest single that’s setting the stage for their upcoming EP, “15 Minutes of Fame.” This track is a catchy mix of afrobeats and electronic vibes, all thanks to the creative mind of Wekaforé, the band’s lead singer and producer.

“Same Mouth” is a conversation starter. It’s about the funny fact that no matter how often we change our minds or go back on our words, we’re still using the same mouth for everything—whether we’re laughing, yelling, or singing along to our favorite song.

Since their last EP, “Spirit Disco,” Egosex has been mixing things up. They’ve brought in Joseph Epere to add some saxophone flair and Will Ross to lay down beats as the new drummer/producer.

Listen to the new single below:

As the release date for “15 Minutes of Fame” gets closer, Egosex is all about breaking new ground and giving fans something to remember. Keep an eye out for their show at Apolo in Barcelona on May 16th—it’s going to be a night to remember.