João M0xc4 is a young Brazilian self-taught artist. M0xc4 reveals through his works, with painting, photography, and performance, the subjectivity of an artist who has in the human body the main source of inspiration for the conception of his art.

Film director Og Cruz a.k.a OGREEN created this film, an experimental and independent production that dialogues directly with the creative universe of the artist. In this sensorial film, we enter in a fantastic narrative, which explores the reflections of a young artist on the difficulty in establishing effective communication with the world through images.

Starring: João M0xc4 | @M0xc4
Director & Cinematographer: Og Cruz a.k.a OGREEN | @o.g.r.e.e.n
Producer: BELGRADO FILMS + NOVENOVENOVE | @belgradofilmes + @99nove_
Executive Producers: Leonardo Duque | @duque999, Neusa Cizick | @neusacizik, Mônica Andrade | @mo13andra
Edit: Matheus Tibira | @matheustibira
Color: ZUMBI POST |@zumbipost
Vfx: POST IT | @postit_vfx
Audio: CABARET STUDIO | @cabaretstudio
Original Music: Baco Exu do Blues | @exudoblues, Dactes | @dac7es
Special Thanks: 22 LOCAÇÕES | @22locacoes