LR3 has a permanent collection, a foundation of patterns that are reproduced in new fabrics and colors as time goes by.

“With one size we dress all body types.”

The label took the catwalk at 080 Barcelona Fashion to show their new proposals, focusing on the Winter season. We met them before the show and here’s what they told us:

You have a permanent collection with a foundation of patterns that are reproduced in new fabrics and colors as time goes by. What can we expect from what you are presenting at 080 Barcelona Fashion?

LR3 will always have novelties coming in, we do have a permanent collection and the patterns are the architectural foundation of the brand but new colors/fabrics will always be added and also new volumes and techniques. We have a few new patterns like the maxi pleated skirt, the quilted cape, or the double-breasted blazer. Also this season we are opening our way into knitwear, which is something we are super excited about.

What’s the importance of slow fashion?

Is all about detail and quality but most importantly is about working with the clients to make sure they find the experience memorable and unique. We manufacture on-demand, so each piece is manufactured for the person that bought it. Is less about following the fashion cycles and more about buying and collecting pieces that will survive the current trends.

In which way is sustainability presented in your working process?

Sustainability is a personal choice for us and not so much of a communication anchor. So many choices are made with the idea of being mindful and caring. We manufacture in Barcelona, we don’t have dead stocks, we use fabrics that are carefully selected (like this amazing 100% recycled polyester we have on the collection or all the 100% natural fivers European fabrics), we also safe the fabric leftovers from production to be creatively repurposed in the future and so on. I think we all can do better.

You said: “With one size we dress all body types.” I find that pretty cool. How are you able to do that?

The process of creating a new pattern is very slow, we begin with an idea and then we start the try and error until we get it right, for instance, the trousers had like 20 sample modifications before we got them right. A very important part of the process is to try the development of the samples in many different body shapes and proportions before we give the final ok.

Any new projects coming up soon?

We can wait to travel around the main fashion capitals to do our LR3 SALON pop-ups. At the moment we only sell online and we want to bring our clothes to our clients. Each piece has a very strong emotional factor to it, when people try them on is quite amazing. Also, we are in the middle of creating our new LR3 office, hopefully soon we will be ready.


Take a look at the collection below: