TXELL MIRAS presented her new collection titled “(A)simfonia” during 080 Barcelona Fashion. Body and space, objects and time, matter and absence, rituals and routines, are concepts present in this new collection. We had a little chat with the designer and here’s what she told us:

How would you define the Txell Miras style?

Personal, comfortable, modern, designed but with a main importance in the wearability.

Tell us a bit about your collection presented at 080 Barcelona Fashion.

This collection has been a sort of continuation of last winter’s one. Pure shapes and colors.

What was your creative process?

Working with patterns, mostly. I have shapes and silhouettes in mind but they go out in the studio playing with patterns and materials

A song to play while wearing your designs?

Many. Today I could say a Mogwai song

How is art linked to fashion?

Both are creative disciplines. I think art is pure creation while fashion should be useful creativity. Of course, there are fashion designers that are artists but they are a few of them. Creative disciplines are mixed and all of them feed the others.

Future projects?

I started a collaboration with the conceptual dancer Moreno Bernardi. Sell the collection and start thinking the next one is also a good challenge.