Kim Jones continues the journey of the Vuitton traveller, taking its inspiration from sailing and sea. Kim delivers the new Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013 collection, working under the Artistic Direction of Marc Jacobs.

“Diana Vreeland said that water was ‘God’s tranquilizer.’ She also said she thought the idea of the freedom of surfing was wonderful. That was one of the starting points for the collection. I was also looking at different kinds of men I related to this style – the Vuitton customer is not just one kind of man – and that spanned people from Yves Carcelle with his love of yachting to the idea of sailing clothes worn by men in both a street and pop sense. Again, it’s a global journey and the sea covers most of Earth’s surface after all!

The collection almost comes from an actual journey – it is like the unpacked contents of a suitcase. There is a sense of travelling from West to East and back again especially in terms of fabrications and the sense of souvenirs and practical clothing that was picked up along the way.” – explains Kim Jones