Staged at La Garde Républicanine’s equestrian arena, Loewe presented their Spring/Summer 2024 menswear collection. Brian Cox, Nicolas Braun, Omar Ayuso, Jermey Pop, and Pharrel were just some of the big names, sat around sculptural water-spouting fountains by artist Lynda Benglis, to come out to see what Jonathan Anderson had in store at the iconic Spanish house.

Anderson proposed a study on perspective drawing in on perceptions and scales, and how perceptions and scales draw silhouettes. Elongation, gesture and an exploration of fabrication turn the straightforward into something not so straightforward, the subtle into the bold. Blazers, coats, banker shirts, knitted polos, twin-sets, argyle knits, jeans and chinos are what the collection consists of. Such apparent plainness deceives the eye, but it is twisted and turned. Meanwhile, shoes grow into trousers, giving the impression of cloth coming out of the ground. Colors ranged from a cerebral palette of soft pastels, and solid blues, black, khakis. But it was the diamonds, the diamonds that made the collection shine.