LOEWE is dropping a fresh scent, and it’s all about Botanical Rainbow vibes. Meet LOEWE Aire Anthesis, a unisex fragrance that’s part of their Botanical Rainbow collection. This one’s packing the signature “LOEWE Accord,” inspired by the Spanish Estepa flower.

Now, let’s talk campaign stars. LOEWE 001 gets cozy with Stéphane Bak and Úrsula Corberó, giving off those sensual shared vibes. And there’s more – the new unisex LOEWE Aire Anthesis joins the scene with Greta Lee striking some ethereal poses.

But wait, there’s a revamp in town too. LOEWE’s “Un Paseo por Madrid” luxury collection is getting a makeover. It’s all about the sleek Botanical Rainbow bottle with a classy marble cap. Greta Lee‘s making an appearance, of course.

For the campaign, Tyler Mitchell captures the essence in photos, and Albert Moya brings it to life in film. This campaign explores how human emotions and nature’s wonders tango together. Flowers, leaves, and ikebana-style botanical arrangements set the stage.

Now, let’s talk about the “LOEWE Accord.” Perfumer Nuria Cruelles crafted this unique scent signature, centering it around the rugged Spanish Estepa flower. It’s a pure, amber, woody fragrance that captures the essence of LOEWE, rooted in nature.

As for the Botanical Rainbow, it’s LOEWE’s colorful ode to nature. Nine iconic fragrance families revamped into a block-shaped bottle designed by Jonathan Anderson. Each bottle’s color expresses the personality within, making them collectibles for scent aficionados.

And let’s not forget “Un Paseo por Madrid.” This collection of six unisex fragrances takes you on a sensory journey through Madrid’s vibrant culture. From the Teatro Real to the Templo de Debod, each scent captures the essence of the city in style.

Check out the campaign images below: