A new collaboration comes to the market to join the rest. Which one? Barbour x Baracuta, their first as a team, for your information.

Both brands have British origins, perhaps that’s why they’ve hit it off so well when it comes to working together on the design and development of the Fall/Winter collection, whose aim is to celebrate Baracuta’s heritage and the 85th anniversary of the company’s only original jacket, known worldwide as the G9 and born in Manchester in the late 1930s. This piece, of course, appears in the capsule that reinvents that iconic style with Barbour’s signature details to create a contemporary interpretation of a much-loved classic, fusing heritage with modernity.

Inspired by the preppy “Ivy League Style” that rose to fame in the early 20th century and was introduced by elite American students on the West Coast who wanted clothes that would take them from lectures to the athletic field, BARBOUR x BARACUTA has one thing in mind, and that is to win over today’s youth and make its jackets the first choice to be worn in style on the streets of the world’s major cities.

When we talk about jackets in plural, we are not referring to the same model in different quantities but to the three styles, available in various colour combinations, of which the launch is composed, which are: Porton Wax, Brown Wax, and Clayton Baracuta. In addition to their classic waxed cotton, all of them feature a surprising combination of the characteristic tartans of both brands, as well as other details that distinguish them and make them even more special, such as the ribbed elastic cuffs, the double studded collar, the umbrella-like back yoke designed to keep rainwater at bay.

Of this collaboration, Ian Bergin, Barbour’s menswear director commented: “It’s been a great pleasure to work with the Baracuta design team on developing this collaboration. The G9 with its umbrella yolk and Fraser tartan is a men’s classic; we have used that as the bedrock of the collection and fused that with iconic Barbour DNA in terms of our Barbour family Classic tartan and our all-weather 8oz Oban wax cotton. The idea was to create a small range of instant collectables and we worked with the Baracuta team to refine and perfect our ideas. The two brands working together is all about the correct approach to authenticity and relevance focusing on how iconic heritage brandsinterpret the past for a modern consumer.”

While the Baracuta team added: “It’s been a natural match. We deeply respect Barbour’s history, heritage, commitment to craftsmanship and quality. Barbour’s products are known for their durability and style, with some being globally recognised as true icons of British fashion. We enjoyed working with the Barbour team, creating pieces that last for decades and pay tribute to the values we both cherish, while also blending the best of our two brands. We hope all Baracuta and Barbour fans will love this Limited Edition as much as we do. It’s a unique, distinguished, and modern collection of three collectibles that perfectly reflect Ivy Style inspiration.”

Fall/Winter Barbour x Baracuta capsule collection is now available for purchase. You can do so by clicking here.

Check out the collection below: