The Salone del Mobile provides LOEWE with a unique platform to showcase the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and creativity beyond the scope of immediate production. This year’s project, titled “LOEWE Chairs,” takes center stage at Palazzo Isimbardi’s courtyard from April 17 to 23, with chairs as the protagonists. By exploring the act of weaving through the traditional vision of artisan creators, LOEWE reinvents everyday objects, transforming them into unique pieces that celebrate manual labor and creativity as truly progressive tools. Weaving techniques in different materials, including surprising choices like sheets of thermal blankets, are showcased, amplifying forms into softly sculptural protrusions and creating additional textures. Shearling and felt are utilized as lining parts of the chairs, providing soft, tactile textures. The creative application of color further enhances the chairs’ decorative reinvention, maximizing the play of materials.

The humble Stick chair, once considered a peasant object due to its apparent simplicity, has been elevated to a new level through this project. Thirty Stick chairs, including original antique pieces and newly made ones by a British atelier specializing in Stick chairs, have been transformed into works of art through weaving and other creative applications. Eight Lloyd loom chairs, made with natural fibers and leather using the unique technique of twisting paper around a wire, complete the study on the functional and decorative value of chairs. One of these chairs, featuring a mushroom motif, is painted using the Lloyd loom technique, expanding the possibilities of basketry within the LOEWE language.

During the event, exclusive bags and leather goods inspired by the materials and techniques used in the chair embellishments will also be available for purchase. All chairs are for sale, making this a unique opportunity for art collectors and design enthusiasts to acquire one-of-a-kind pieces that celebrate the union of tradition, creativity, and innovation.

Take a look below: