Heaven by Marc Jacobs has once again brought back a host of famous faces to star in its Western-inspired Spring/Summer 23 campaign.

The cast includes actresses like Liv Tyler, musicians like Yves Tumor, and designers like Michèle Lamy, who have posed for the lens of photographer Harley Weir. But if there was one figure who stood out a little more, it was rapper Lil Uzi Vert, who appears in several images expressing different moods and wearing some of the garments that make up the brand’s SS23 collection, such as a pair of western-inspired trousers, an embroidered zip-up sweatshirt combined with a T-shirt and shirt, a football polo shirt, and accessories such as necklaces inspired by handcuffs.

All the pieces in the line still have a definite 2000s vibe, just look at some of the t-shirts with spray-painted graphics, the ripped jumpers, or the logos on some of the items.

SS23 by Heaven by Marc Jacobs will be released in several installments. The first one is already available on its website, but the second one is on its way and will arrive around May. Check out the campaign images below: