AYANEGUI, the namesake brand of Mexican designer Giuseppe Ayanegui, has recently released a new jewelry collection comprising of 28 styles. From ear cuffs and necklaces to bracelets and more, every piece is handcrafted in Mexico City using high-quality materials such as .990 sterling silver, 14k Gold plate, and two styles made from recycled aluminum.

The designer’s inspiration behind this collection is to showcase how some of the most beautiful things can be sharp and destructive, as stated by Ayanegui himself. Driven by his passion for producing top-notch pieces in Mexico City’s thriving fashion landscape, he envisions his collection to be worn every day, adding elegance to one’s street style. The collection’s minimalist yet iconic design is versatile enough to match any wardrobe.

Guiseppe further emphasizes the thought and care that goes into creating each piece, hoping that the wearer develops a special relationship with their Ayanegui jewelry. The standout pieces from this collection include the 500 Crystal Necklace, Crossed Ear Cuff, Blade Ear Cuff, Crystal Thick Chain, Long Sphere Earring, and Double Crystal Ear Cuff.

Take a look below:


The collection is available for purchase online at ayanegui-online.com and in-store at AYANEGUI in CDMX.