Danish streetwear brand with skater roots Soulland announced their first collaboration with sportswear brand Li-Ning on HIGHSNOBIETY‘s “NOT IN PARIS”.

The first peak of the brands’ work together will offer a modernist vision of running culture, one exploring new technologies, possibilities, and aesthetics, showing that Soulland is serious about trainers and ready to jump into running where Li-Ning is known for their high performance.

Running creates the intersection of freedom, motion, and meditation of humanity and nature,” said Soulland co-founder and creative director, Silas Adler. “Because of this, the Soulland team was so excited that runners’ culture would be the focus of our first project with Li-Ning.  Our working together so far has allowed us to explore new design capabilities and forms, making the partnership all the more exciting and dynamic. Simply put, we can’t wait to share more of what we have planned!

Stay tuned for  Li-Ning x Soulland expected to launch in the Fall of 2020.