After World War II, the biker culture exploded in the United States. In 1959, not too far from Levi’s® headquarters in Oakland, California, the East Bay Dragons, one of the first Black motorcycle clubs in the U.S., roared to life. In the world of African American bikers, there’s an undeniable sense of being outsiders, a touch of danger, pride, respect, a commitment to freedom, and a refusal to conform to polite doctrine. A biker’s look is like sacred relics, weathered and mystique-filled, evolving into something that feels alive. Secret codes, symbols, and colors, beautifully battered by heat, scratches, tears, and spilled fuel, give off a vibe of living skin or armor.

For their third-season collaboration, Levi’s® and Denim Tears pay homage to the enduring spirit of the African American biker community. They’ve captured the authenticity, freedom, and non-conformity that define the biker’s code.

Tremaine Emory, the founder of Denim Tears, expresses his fascination with Black biker culture, saying, “What appears to be a simple and functional outfit at first glance carries aesthetic influences from Native Americans, cowboys, rodeos, workwear, military surplus, outlaws, and vagabonds. We blend all these elements with the legacy of flash shows and Afro opulence to honor the powerful mental state of the Black biker. I know those with the attitude, character, and front will wear these pieces forever.

The campaign features real members of the Black biker community, captured in the places where they live their lives. Denim Tears’ third-season collection is available at and select wholesale stores,, the Levi’s® app, and select Levi’s® stores.

Check out the campaign images bellow: