Léonard Lasry just released his first single “Pas La Même Mémoire” from his upcoming album “Le Grand Danger De Se Plaire” out in February 2024 which will be full of surprises along with some iconic collaborations. Dressed in Louis Gabriel Nouchi, Léonard takes us to the dancefloor in “Pas la même mémoire” which is neither happy or sad, bordering melancholic and joy at the same the time as found in the last days of disco.


For his fifth album, Léonard’s departs from his traditional French sound for sophisticated pop one along with his usual elegance that was found on Charlotte Rampling’s latest album when they teamed up together. “Le Grand Danger De Se Plaire” will also see Léonard team up with French icon Fanny Ardant and Pierre & Gilles. Léonard Lasry & Pierre & Gilles could have already worked together in recent years as the points of intersections of their universes are numerous. “We had to wait for the right, natural meeting so that one of my records correspond to their inspiration of the moment”.

In 2019, Léonard composed the song “Dans une photo de Pierre & Gilles” which made them tribute (song exhibited during their retrospective at the Philharmonie de Paris in 2019 with the painting “Des Fleurs et des Tears” and which gave its title and served as the credits for the film of the same name directed by Chantal Lasbat for France 5).

“Le Grand Danger De Se Plaire” out 9 February 2024