Hailing from Almonte in the south of Spain, Lucía Sánchez carved her path in the fashion world. She earned her fashion design degree at CEADE Leonardo University in Seville. After gaining experience with the fashion label Roberto Diz and spending several years as a design and pattern-making professor at ESADA school, she took the step to create her own menswear label, Lemāchet.

During 080 Barcelona Fashion, she unveiled her new collection, ‘I am, but.’ This collection is a quest for those moments that ignite creativity. It recognizes that sometimes, we limit ourselves, and all artists grapple with the fear of a blank canvas or an empty picture. ‘I am, but’ is all about redirection, reconstruction, and starting anew, setting the course for a fresh direction in men’s fashion.

Creativity can take on various forms, be it imaginative and whimsical or innovative and inventive. Built on the foundation of the “SAMO” concept (The same old shit), Lemāchet challenges traditional tailoring norms with new cuts, shapes, and materials. These elements, previously associated with more traditional aspects of menswear, are fused together to bring a modern and innovative twist to men’s tailoring today.

Check out the collection below: