It’s often said that a creator’s work is a mirror reflecting their character. In the latest collection from Outsiders Division, titled ‘Extraordinary,’ the quirks and obsessions of creative director David Méndez Alonso are laid bare across 36 distinct looks.

This collection, showcased during 080 Barcelona Fashion, once again follows the pattern of juxtaposing opposing elements, expertly blending them to form a mix of conflicts and aesthetics that somehow find harmony. With the freedom and the almost naive delight that defines Outsiders Division, David’s designs for ‘Extraordinary’ draw inspiration from a vast array of sources, ranging from popular culture and the underground scene to contemporary art.

The garments in this collection are a testament to his distinct “Preppy-punk” style, revealing a celebration of a grandfather who never quite grew up, emphasizing his fascination with contradictions. Here, you’ll find tulle skirts, classic sweaters, cardigans, even a bag crafted from ceramics, and a rich palette of colors that almost feels endless.

At the core of Outsiders Division’s work, the extraordinary and the unusual continue to serve as the guiding principles. David creates garments that resonate with all the misfits out there, a canvas where the unconventional finds its home.

Check out the collection below: