FRNKOW’s latest collection, “Le Romantisme Allemand,” brings a touch of German Romanticism to today’s menswear. Frank Lin, the Creative Director, has designed this collection to blend historical inspiration with modern style. It’s all about simplicity and connection to nature, reflected in the earthy color palette and natural fabrics like wool, cotton, and silk.

The collection features practical yet stylish pieces that fit well into any modern wardrobe. The colors are easy on the eyes, with shades of green and brown that take you back to the forests and fields without being too flashy. The materials are comfortable and give a sense of the outdoors, which is what German Romanticism was all about—finding beauty in the natural world.

The designs have a romantic flair, with soft lines and thoughtful details that add character to the clothes. But they’re not just for show; they’re made for everyday wear.

Check out the collection below: