Louis Vuitton has launched a new campaign that’s all about the journey, not just the destination. Captured by Annie Leibovitz, we see tennis greats Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer swapping their rackets for climbing gear as they tackle the Dolomites. The message? “Some trips become legends.” It’s about the climb, the challenge, and the company you keep.

At an altitude where most would be gasping for breath, Nadal and Federer show us they’re more than just competitors; they’re climbing buddies. They’ve both reached the pinnacle of tennis—Federer with his 20 Grand Slams and Nadal with 22, including a record 14 French Open titles. But here, it’s not about the trophies; it’s about the trek and the tales that come with it.

The campaign’s visuals are simple yet powerful. Federer sports the Monogram Christopher backpack, while Nadal carries the Monogram Eclipse, each piece reflecting their personal styles and the essence of Louis Vuitton’s design. It’s about the journey of excellence and the dreams that drive us.

With every step up those peaks, Federer and Nadal remind us that any journey, no matter how tough, can become legendary with the right amount of determination and spirit.