The 2024 LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize has been awarded to Andrés Anza from Mexico for his ceramic sculpture ‘I only know what I have seen’. Selected from 30 finalists, Anza’s work stands out in the exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, which runs from 15 May to 9 June. His life-size piece, made of thousands of ceramic spikes, combines elements of both figure and abstraction.

Andrés Anza

This year’s prize highlights works that transform everyday materials into something special, with a focus on organic shapes and the limits of what materials can do. The jury, which includes experts from design, architecture, and museum fields, praised Anza’s sculpture for blending ancient styles with a modern look.

The jury also gave special mentions to Miki Asai from Japan for her lacquer and eggshell rings, Emmanuel Boos from France for his porcelain brick coffee table, and Heechan Kim from the Republic of Korea for his sculptural vessel made using traditional boat-making methods.

Miki Asai “Still life”, 2023.

Emmanuel Boos “Coffee Table Comme un lego”, 2023.

Heechan Kim “#16”, 2023.

The finalists represent 16 countries and were chosen from over 3,900 submissions. The LOEWE FOUNDATION launched the prize in 2016 to honor modern craftsmanship and innovation. Jonathan Anderson, LOEWE’s creative director, believes that craft is central to LOEWE’s identity and will always be important.

Andrés Anza “I only know what I have seen”, 2023.