LACRIOSA collection is inspired by the tale of Siren tears turning into pearls as long as Zbigniew Preisner’s Requiem mass. Jewellery and eyewear designer Fei has gone through depressions facing gender awareness when sorrow and tears were his only companion. Each pearl at the edge of the spectacles imitating tears is mourning. Fei intends to examine the distortion of humanity caused by single aesthetic. The work aims to eliminate this psychological contradiction, to theoretically fix this “narrow-vision” problem. Worn on those who suffered or are suffering from gender issues, they could raise their heads, stop the weep and regain their confidence.

Fei is also keen on exploring various materials and techniques to realize multiple wearabilities. As is shown in a pair of golden-framed glasses with pearls, the center piece that combines two spectacles can be worn on its own as a nose piece or an earring, while the rest still functions as a hand-hold facial ornament.

Designer & Maker: Fei
Photographer & Stylist: Amanda Yang
Hair & make-up: Janet Zhou
Model: Rafal Horanin