During the F/W 2014 men fashion week we managed a full on fabulousness trip to Paris. Yes, if you think of fashion, probably the first thing that comes to your mind is Paris. We were there to assist to Lacoste beautiful party. But before we go any further, let us give you an idea about the brand’s legacy. It was founded in 1933 by René Lacoste, a French tennis star that was nicknamed “the crocodile” by fans because of his tenacity on the tennis court. At he beginning, the new company launched ingenious mesh material polo shirts, specially designed to combat the heat of the American courts and with the crocodile logo embroidered on the chest. But that newfangled and original product soon transcended that initial purpose and became one of the tailored essentials of the late 20th century. Obviously, a polo shirt doesn’t make a global brand. Lacoste knew how to diversify and began to manufacture other products, from bed sheets to beachwear. From then until now, Lacoste expanded to become the quintessential French sportswear brand. So when Lacoste invited us to attend the launch of their new campaign, “Life Is A Beautiful Sport” in Paris we didn’t need to think twice before saying yes. It was too tempting to resist – who in their right mind says no to a brief Paris trip?

Yes, it was time to party! And Lacoste’s print advertising campaign presentation was the place to be. Held at La Générale, a huge warehouse space on L’Avenue Parmentier, as soon as we got there, we knew it would be a great night. The whole place had been transformed into a beautiful and brightly lit, high ceilinged two floors palace of chic and stylish fun. There were multiple bars, live installations, different performances, ping-pong tables, and live concerts (The Aîku, Cassius).

Despite the size of the location, it was fairly crowded. We were in pretty good company. You know, whatever city you’re in there during fashion dates, it’s likely that you will meet people you know, like and want to party with. And so it happened at Lacoste’s campaign launch celebration.  But there was something else that we loved the most about the presentation of Lacoste’s “Life Is A Beautiful Sport” campaign: an outstanding and breathtaking film directed by Seb Edwards and starring rising French actor Paul Hamy. This short movie beautifully combined Lacoste’s legacy with the clean lines and daily elegance associated with the brand these days. The message is clear: life is a beautiful sport, whether you live it on the walkway or the tennis court. The full campaign video will premiere next February 7th and trust us you won’t to miss it.

Photos by SAYWHO by Jean Picon and Stephane Cardinale.