Lacoste has made a triumphant return to the Paris Fashion Week scene with its Fall/Winter 2024-25 collection, a blend of homage and innovation that pays respect to the brand’s storied past while forging ahead into a new era. At the helm of this creative resurgence is Pelagia Kolotouros, the brand’s Creative Director, whose artistic vision has breathed new life into Lacoste’s identity.

Kolotouros made her Paris debut with a collection that echoes the exuberance of the Années Folles—a time when René Lacoste, the original “Crocodile,” reigned supreme in the tennis world and Paris was the pulsating heart of artistic innovation. Her designs speak a language of robust tailoring, defined by sharp lines and bold graphics that create a harmonious dialogue between the realms of fashion, sport, and art.

The collection itself is a study in contrasts, where grace meets strength, and sophistication pairs with comfort. It’s a dance of textures and materials, with crocodile lace and silk playing off against sporty technical fabrics. The color palette tells the story of Lacoste’s legacy, transitioning from the depths of sensual black through the earthy tones of clay terracotta, and punctuated by the vibrant hues of sky blue, grass green, and the brand’s signature Lacoste green. The journey culminates in pure white, the color of triumph, both on the tennis court and beyond.

Check out the collection below: