Luis De Javier‘s Spring/Summer 2024 collection marks a new chapter for the brand. With mentorship from Riccardo Tisci, De Javier is venturing into a bold era of ready-to-wear that’s both accessible and carries genderless silhouettes, truly reflecting the future of fashion.

Inspired by the rebellious 90s hardcore rave movement in Spain known as ‘La Ruta del Bacalao,’ a scene stifled by oppressive government actions, De Javier dares to dream of a utopia where this movement still thrives today.

Fashion has always mirrored and explored socio-political issues. With this collection, we aim to reflect, question, and spark a dialogue on pressing matters, like the rise of a nationalist, far-right political party, that are affecting Spain and the world today,” De Javier explains.

This collection carries a fearless spirit that transcends traditional boundaries, extending from queerness to women. It’s meant to challenge, provoke, and inspire.

Within the collection, you’ll find a mix of materials, including latex, leather, corsetry, jersey, and workwear. Collaborating with Aslan World, accessories such as teeth flats, shoe covers, rubber spikes, necklaces, and earrings further accentuate the brand’s unique vision.

Check out our favorite looks below: