KUANWANG unveiled its Fall/Winter 2021 collection during Paris Fashion Week.

It is a collection that reads like an open book. A novel in which I am the main character, and whose scenes take place in Paris, my adopted city for 9 years, depicted in all its shades of gray, from slate to taupe, through pearl. These are the hues that dominate my daily wardrobe, tinting my every activity with romanticism and cheerfulness.” – said the designer

This collection is marked by interchangeable tailored pieces (coats, jackets, and cropped pea coats) in wool, occasionally mixed with a shiny and waterproof technological fabric for a subtle blend of tradition and modernity. With their broad shoulders and rock references, the silhouettes may be reminiscent of the 80s, but Kuanwang is firmly rooted in our era: streetwear and couture combine, and the boundaries between genres are blurred.