Cupid, the god of love, is a mischievous imp, and there are mischief and wit in the lens of Los Angeles-based rock photographer Brad Elterman, who can genuinely boast of being one of the music scene’s finest documentaries. Armed with his camera and flash, Elterman managed to infiltrate the world of rock ‘n’ roll in the 1970s as a teenager, and his candid work on him gives us insight into a very special moment and into the lives of some people. equally special and talented. They’re like a rock ‘n’ roll call from the mainstream movers, and their raw and spontaneous imagery gives us a window into a more innocent and less self-conscious age.

Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele, a fan of the low-tech fanzine format, decided to partner with Elterman to make one together to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

For Gucci Love, Love & Love magazine, Elterman has captured images of love in all its forms in his hometown of Los Angeles. Through his upbeat, positive, and upbeat rock ‘n’ roll lens, he introduces us to a group of eclectic characters who celebrate the diversity of love through playful poses and interaction with each other.

Take a first look at the fanzine below:


The zine is available online at For Gucci and Brad Elterman enthusiasts, a limited edition print version will be available at Gucci Garden Bookstore in Florence and at Gucci Wooster in New York starting February 11, in time for Valentine’s Day.

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