KTZ came straight out the gate swinging and not just because of the boxing’esque lace up accents running throughout the collection, alongside the classic monochromatic flow that’s become established as the brands signature colour-way, amongst an injected force of militant work wear.

But let there be no confusion with the hardy play of colour inserted grey and khaki washes to compliment the textured camouflage and velvet pieces. These were transitioned across to utilised, durable ready-to-wear accessories of razor sharp earrings, an abundance of firm hat variations, waist and neck corsets giving a strapping new meaning to ‘neck warming’.
Appropriate materials and textures featured zips, tough leather detailing embellished with ballistic nylon and faux fur accents. Outerwear as always is a striking feature for the brand, with updated motif patched bombers, thick tailored jackets with paisley print additions. Looks were finished off with combative leather boots and cool zip-front cowboy boots.
The genderless looks saw minimalist models striking down the runway in dual lengthened skirts to pulsing techno 90’s vibe, bass bumping tunes.
Photos by Eva K Salvi for Fucking Young!