In collaboration with Google ATAP“. When we received the Save The Date from Koché and saw the message with which we started the review, we already imagined that Christelle Kocher and her team had prepared something different from what we were used to. Indeed we were right since the designer was going to present a joint research project with Google ATAP, which combined science and creativity to develop hybrid garments.

The Palais de la Bourse in Paris, located in the center of the city and characterized by its impressive architecture, was witness to the (somewhat necessary) twist that its creative director gave to the French brand and the unique show experience offered to the guests.

Koché Spring/Summer 23 is a collection that, as you might have guessed, being made partly in collaboration with Google, is inspired by technology. Christelle is aware of the great development that this field is experiencing day after day and as a good designer, she wanted to capture this knowledge in her creations. She also has a deep interest in the new creative possibilities at the intersection of fashion and technology, as a way of questioning both the heritage and the future of fashion.

Is this one of Ms. Kocher’s best collections? Everything points to yes, and this argument is reaffirmed even more when we see in action the perforated leather that recalls the pixelated aesthetics of the first video games, the garments dynamized by bands and fringes with cyberpunk accents, or the chosen color palette.

Despite the turn, the designer took, Koché’s DNA was still present. This season the proposal presented is once again characterized by its strong message and construction of the garments (structured shoulders, hotfix…), and by mixing the inspiration of haute couture with elements of contemporary culture. The denim offer, as always, is particularly high.

Who said that tech-inspired garments can be boring or inelegant? Looking at Koché’s it is clear that such reasoning holds no weight whatsoever, as they offer a rare new concept of elegance, expressing individuality and character.

Take a look at the collection below: