The latest collection by KIDILL is a tribute to the enduring legacy of punk culture. Inspired by the DIY ethos and aesthetic of the early punk movement, the collection features handcrafted embellishments, prints and jacquard weaves by Japanese artisans, creating a unique fusion of tradition and modernity.

The collection showcases Sueyasu’s bold vision of punk, with a variety of garments that challenge the conventional notions of design, silhouette and detailing. From reconstructed FOSTEXGARMENTS MA-1s, to ripped denim, to vintage-washed-out cut-and-sewns/t-shirts/ tops, the collection is a celebration of creativity and individuality.

Sueyasu explains that the collection is not only a homage to the history of punk, but also a reflection of its contemporary relevance and influence. He says that punk is no longer a niche subculture, but a universal attitude and value system that embraces freedom, expression and rebellion. He adds that his return to the roots of punk is a way of honoring its origins, as well as announcing the rebirth and renewal of KIDILL. “As a matter of fact, my initial impulse and resistance remains the same. I am just simple.”

Check it out below: