British designer Neil Barrett is another of them who presented his Fall/Winter 2024 collection during Milan Fashion Week.

For this collection, he has found a turning point between heritage and modernity, and tradition and innovation, which has led him to design the garments in fall tones that were seen on the catwalk in a narrow, minimal style, making them 100% timeless and wearable both in the present and in the very distant future.

Although most pieces are basic, they have all been infused with high doses of character and attitude, traits that make them special and elevate them further. The refined fabrics inspired by hunting and workwear, the twisted seams around the wrist, and pragmatic patches, or the way they are cut, help this process to take place successfully.

The result obtained consists of hybrid outerwear, versatile to be worn in different shapes and fabrics; knitted and V-necked jumpers in different colours; shirts with pleats; and Bermuda-style tailored and long trousers. How the long trousers are finished is striking, as they have a clasp at the hem. Caps, leather gloves, and mid-calf boots with socks sticking out of them, complete the look.

Neil Barrett has created a men’s wardrobe for the 21st century, and if he has his mind set on it, for the next. Check out the collection below: