CAMPERLAB has announced a new collaborative project that celebrates the iconic Traktori boot. The project invites various collaborators, brands and personalities from different fields of fashion, art, music and film to customize and reinterpret the Traktori boot with their own style and vision.

The list of participants includes Swarovski, Terra Whack, Diplo, Róisin Murphy, Ottolinger, Shirley Kurata and many others, who have transformed the Traktori boot into a unique and original piece of art. The result is a diverse and eclectic collection of boots that showcase the creativity and personality of each collaborator, as well as their connection and commitment with CAMPERLAB and the environment.

The Traktori boot was first introduced in 2020 by CAMPERLAB’s Creative Director Achilles Ion Gabriel, who drew inspiration from the traditional work boots worn by the farmers of Mallorca, the island where CAMPER was founded. The boot features a vulcanized rubber sole with a distinctive serrated pattern, which provides durability and traction. The upper is made of leather or canvas, with a simple and functional design that reflects the Mediterranean culture and the CAMPERLAB DNA.

The collaboration project also has a social and environmental dimension, as all the proceeds from the sales of the custom Traktori boots will be donated to the Save the Med Foundation, a non-profit organization that works to restore the health and biodiversity of the Mediterranean Sea. The foundation carries out various initiatives, such as marine habitat protection, plastic waste reduction, marine area management, scientific research and education programs.

The boots will be available for purchase exclusively on the CAMPER website from January 18, with a price of €555, which corresponds to the length of the Mallorcan coast in kilometers. This is a limited edition project, with only one pair of each custom boot available.

Check it out below: