Umbro is hitting a big milestone, celebrating 100 years, and they’re doing it in style with a new collaboration with Aries. It’s their third time teaming up, and this collection is all about giving a nod to Umbro’s long history with English football. Just in time for the Euro 2024, they’re rolling out an exclusive “red, white, and blue” collection that includes 8 different pieces.

The lineup’s got some cool stuff: two types of football jerseys with short sleeves, a goalie jersey with long sleeves, shorts, and some neat accessories. Plus, there’s this special navy-blue football jersey that’s only at Aries, and they’ve only made 100 of them to celebrate the centenary.

Design-wise, they’ve brought back the “Aries A-Rose” graphic, putting it all over the jerseys as a rose print. It’s a shout-out to the “English Rose.” The jerseys come in red and white, with the “Aries Temple” logo on one side and Umbro’s “Double Diamond” on the other.

The goalie jersey’s got a cool black lion print, tying back to England’s history and Aries’ love for myths. There’s even a Latin saying in the mix: “If you kill it, it will come back stronger.”

All the jerseys have the number “100” on the back, mixing the Aries x Umbro font from past collabs with Umbro’s logo. It’s all about celebrating Aries, Umbro, and a century of history.

The new Aries x Umbro gear drops on Wednesday, 12th June 2024. You can grab it from the Aries website or at their flagship store in London.