Kenzo marked one year with Creative Director Nigo with a female Japanese string quartet center stage at the concert hall Salle Pleyel in Paris where they played The Beatles’ most iconic songs in front of an audience made up of Pharrel, Burna Boy, Troye Sivan, Tyga, Alton Mason, Will Gao, Skeptka, among other before treating us to a post-collection performance by Lil Baby.

Like the music that set the stage, the collection was entitled “The White Album” and spanned cultures, eras, and styles from mod to punk, English country couture along with Japanese tailoring. While the kimono-bomber might have stolen the collection along with the Western ankle boot, it was the denim that stole many hearts. British, American, and Japanese street culture merged into wear that was quite elegant while playing with codes.

It was noted that Dame Vivienne Westwood has been a constant influence for Nigo, and that is echoed throughout his collections from flannels to plaids, to his refined play on punk. Meanwhile, the legacy of Kenzo Takada is found in the optimism of Nigo’s work as such the floral motifs and for this season the rose. But we need to talk about denim because this is probably the strongest collection of denim offerings the house has had to date. From y-shaped necked jackets, and slouchy yet stylish dungarees, to hakama box shape pleated skirts, the interpretations of Japanese denim will soon become the house’s newest lasting legacy.

Take a look at the collection below: