Kaushik Velendra’s Spring/Summer 2022 Menswear collection draws inspiration from people, with a strong focus on anatomy and personality. This collection celebrates people from different walks of life. This season the collection embraces the juxtaposition of structure and fluidity and offers a gateway to a new menswear world, creating a new species all together. The collection expands to a wider range of ready-to-wear essentials and couture. Each look reveals a unique element of surprise from every angle at the core of its design. Thus, providing a whole new take on construction. Hand-crafted, tailored and produced in the London Hoxton atelier, the menswear collection consists of 32 power looks.

Offering an inclusive experience, the new atelier and studio are open for customers to experience the design process and for creatives from across London to use as a safe working space – a personal struggle defining Kaushik’s motivation.