Following the first digital Paris Men’s Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2021, designer Junya Watanabe brings us to the streets and into homes in Japan shot by Keizo Kitajima. There is something intimate and authentic to it that a regular fashion show can’t conjure up the same way. Usually, we can only imagine how collections look in the real world, off the magazine pages.

This season I found myself reflecting on the power of the books around me – precious items that I value, though I may not open them every day. Many of the pieces in this collection depict and introduce these books.” – Junya Watanabe

The visuals make up a book designed by Tony Brook (SPIN UK) that will be printed to coincide with the collection’s launch. Inside the pages, the photo story unravels introducing us to the street casted models as we learn their interesting occupations and pay tribute to each of their work. This collection is designed amongst others for people who pursue their work with a sincere attitude all over Japan as well as all over the world. Clothes are not only our unofficial work uniform but a sign of our expression, communicating without words.