Julian Zigerlin unveiled his new swimwear collection, created from archive prints. The swimshorts are made out of 100% recycled plastic collected from the river Limmat in Zürich. More than climate neutral, the new swimshorts are CO2-positive!

Claude Gasser captured the swimwear 2.0 campaign at the restaurant Coco, at Zürich’s Paradeplatz.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Claude Gasser @claude_gasser
CREATIVE DIRECTION: Julian Zigerli @julianzigerli84
MAKE-UP: Anamarija Ivos @anamarijaivos
MODELS: Maneno, Sven, lena, Dominik, Jane and Giorgina all from the PECLARD gastronomy team – www.peclard.net
Swimwear in collaboration with ROUND RIVERS @roundrivers