Julian Zigerli, a name synonymous with cutting-edge fabric prints and fearless creativity, stands tall in the world of Swiss fashion. Born in Murten in 1984, this designer splits his time between Zurich and Berlin, where his designs have been turning heads both at home and abroad for over a decade.

Zigerli’s fashion journey is marked by boundary-blurring collaborations. He joined forces with heavyweight brands like Zimmerli, Swarovski, and Qwstion, but his artistic partnerships extend far beyond the fashion world. Artists like Katharina Grosse, Walter Pfeiffer, and Shirana Shahbazi have all found common ground with Zigerli’s multifaceted creative genius.

“Doing It All Wrong Since 2011” is a publication that offers an unprecedented glimpse into Zigerli’s remarkable body of work. With contributions from Rainer Brenner, Simon Froehling, Tobias Langley Hunt, and Caroline Odette Jebens, it provides an insightful overview of Zigerli’s work.