Every big work has a good idea behind it, and Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto, the designer duo behind the fashion and accessories brand JORDANLUCA, can vouch for that. Faith is something you should never lose, even in the most adverse of times. In the case of these two, they never did, and if you add a pinch of ambition and mischievousness to it, the result will probably be more than attractive/captivating, like their latest proposal shown during the Milan Fashion Week, where they have once again become two of the main protagonists of the event, especially on the second day of the shows.

Bowen and Marchetto’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection stems from a simple element: the balloon. That’s why the interior of the industrial-looking location, where the show was held, was packed with them – 1500 to be precise. All the balloons attracted attention because of the prints of different works of art by the artist Dominic Myatt, which made several guests want to take one home as a souvenir.

Home is a place where one usually feels comfortable and safe, especially if it is made in one’s own style. It is also where most memories are created, which sometimes come to mind when one is out of one’s comfort zone and feels a bit nostalgic. That feeling of nostalgia is also present in the line, as the designers have decided to take a look back at their respective childhoods, explore youthful optimism, and combine all these themes and more with the game. Life is a game that is won by those who enjoy it the most, and so it is happening to the British and the Italian, who have played again, taken risks, and managed to get an “A” with their latest work, eagerly awaited by the attendees to be revealed.

Red is a colour that the designer duo particularly like, partly because of the sensations it gives off and what it signifies, and this tone was chosen for the lights until the show began, that suddenly became white and merged successfully with the chosen music. Once the atmosphere had warmed up, the models stepped out onto Italian soil wearing grey and black tailoring that ipso facto brought to mind the iconic phrase “Boss B*tch! The suits on show exuded power, professionalism, and credibility, and when coupled with double-collared shirts (presented for the first time at the FW23 show) and new bags created in red or black, it automatically increased the degree of the three adjectives mentioned previously.

Jordan and Luca were good boys for the first part of the show until they said: that’s enough, let the rough and tumble begin. That’s when the collection suddenly took another direction and models with punk hairstyles began to burst in, in tune with the aggressive clothes designed, of which we must undoubtedly highlight the bomber jackets with volume and bulldog shoulders (the brand’s hallmark) worn with tailored trousers and shoes or with leggings and high-heeled boots; the different leather jackets, one of them worn by Andreas Kronthaler himself; or the silver accessories placed around the neck as a necklace.

The JORDANLUCA men are out to conquer the world and make it even more exciting. Check out the Fall/Winter 24 collection below: