For Spring/Summer 2024, Jeanne Friot embarks on an exploration of the enigmatic mermaid. A figure that embodies duality and constant transformation, she defies the constraints imposed by patriarchal norms. Whether half-female and half-fish or half-female and half-bird, the mermaid symbolizes a liberation from established knowledge, a powerful metaphor for the queer body.

The mermaid’s existence becomes a testament to self-invention, a perpetual struggle for survival. In a world that often seeks to confine and suppress, the mermaid fights fiercely to assert her identity and carve her own path.

Jeanne Friot dives deep into the depths of this mythical creature, unraveling the intricate layers of its symbolism. Through her collection, she invites us to question societal constructs and embrace the fluidity of our own identities.

Check out the collection below: