In the heart of Paris, Carlota Barrera unveiled her Spring/Summer 2024 collection, aptly named “GENERATIONAL RELAY.” This collection explores the delicate balance between conformity and rebellion.

Returning to her roots in Spain, Carlota Barrera embarks on a nostalgic voyage, delving into the depths of her origin and the vibrant era of the 1990s. A time marked by extremes, contradictions, and the groundbreaking transformation of societal norms, this collection encapsulates the essence of that era—an era characterized by introspection, freedom, and a relentless pursuit of authenticity.

Drawing inspiration from the bustling streets, gritty asphalt, and a vibrant fusion of cultural influences, the collection channels the spirit of iconic figures such as Patti Smith and Kurt Cobain. It speaks a language of creative liberation, embracing fluidity and individual expression.

Through “GENERATIONAL RELAY,” Carlota Barrera orchestrates a symphony of innovative designs that celebrate the boundless world of creative freedom. Each piece tells a story, capturing the essence of authenticity and pushing the boundaries of conventional fashion.

Take a look at the collection below: