LOEWE has unveiled its men’s campaign for Spring/Summer 2024, featuring actor Jamie Dornan and musician Omar Apollo as the faces of the collection. The campaign, shot by photographer David Sims, showcases the expressive and dynamic nature of the garments, which play with contrasts of subtlety and boldness, ease and difficulty.

The campaign captures Dornan and Apollo in the midst of their respective performances, revealing their gestures and emotions. Dornan, who is the new LOEWE Global Ambassador and a Golden Globe nominee, poses in various settings that evoke a sense of auditioning or testing, such as a leather chair, a wall, or a staircase. Apollo, a rising singer-songwriter, is seen on a circular stage lit by light bulbs, holding a silver microphone, or entering a bright room. Their faces are intense, as if time has stopped.

The campaign also highlights the textures and details of the clothes and accessories that Dornan and Apollo wear, which reflect the gestural quality of the collection. Furs, knitwear, and glittering fabrics contrast with the mundane environments, while sunglasses, the Puzzle Fold bag, and the Puzzle bag add character and movement to the outfits. The still lifes of the bags and shoes are also dramatic, showing them in different positions and angles.

Check it out below: