The twelfth installment of ISO.POETISM BY TOBIAS BIRK NIELSEN is a gripping narrative chronicling the tumultuous journey of a budding sculptor and his complex relationship with his art. It’s a riveting tale of grappling with the perils of imposter syndrome, an internal conflict that has driven him to retreat into his craft, ceaselessly churning out colossal sculptures like a madman, all in an attempt to conquer his feelings of inadequacy, fit in, and ultimately find fulfillment as a human being. It’s a never-ending pursuit of perfection that remains elusive, leaving him forever striving to improve, but never fully convincing anyone, including himself.

To bring this collection to life, an innovative approach was taken, leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence. The team trained an AI program on a vast dataset of more than 500 archival images, spanning the entire history of the ISO.POETISM brand. The AI distilled this treasure trove of visual information into 300 striking, abstract pictures, which became the cornerstone of the creative process, culminating in the SS23 collection ‘IMPOSTRIAL MONOLITHS’.

Check it out below: