Embodying the essence of teenage culture and fashion fantasies, the HARDCLO SS23 collection ventures into a colorful realm of 2000s nostalgia. Taking cues from the visual language of the late 90s and early 2000s, the HARDCLO SS23 assemblage comprises a range of tees, tanks, patterned shirts, sweatpants and accessories that seamlessly fuse pop culture references, rave aesthetics and internet culture.

The collection masterfully reinterprets cultural icons of the past, such as Britney, Napster, the first iPod, *NSYNC, the Paris Hilton phenomenon, flip phones, The Matrix, and the feverish Y2K dreams through the lens of the Greek brand’s Mediterranean perspective.

Through the seamless combination of casual and vibrant styles, HARD embodies the magnetic allure of nostalgic pop-culture obsessions, reborn to satiate the forward-looking, gender-fluid generation of tomorrow.

Take a look below:

Photographer: @antonis.agrido
Fashion: @yiorgos.mesimeris
Hair: @chriscrossedd
Makeup: @efi_ramone
Nails : @matizb , @beehive_artists
Ph. Assistant: @katerinagoritsa
Fashion Assistant: @myrtonio
Models : @maritakath , @nasty.gonchar , @m_sbko_ , @dmodelagency , @samuelhaddoncook , @lee_d_k , @ace_models_athens , @emichniewicz , @xraymodels
Location: @10amlofts
Production: @hard.clo