It all started in Estonia in 2017 when several people passionate about progress, innovation, and originality decided to join forces and energies and create a joint project called “Racer Worldwide”. The common ground between all of them was fashion and the goal was clear from minute one: to change the way consumers interact with designers and experiment with business models within which creativity can exist.

Over time, this venture became what it is today, an emerging brand of clothing, accessories, and footwear, run by young creatives and worthy of being on the fashion radar of anyone interested in the industry or who likes to express themselves. Racer is characterized by many things, but if we had to highlight one thing it would be the fact that it is not linked to any style or subculture, but is a dynamic reflection of different ideas and moods that arise in the studio itself and that it has different sources of inspiration such as current fashion or past trends, among others. In this way, the team in charge of bringing the brand to life takes the unpopular and old-fashioned to transform it and give it a new life, as well as combining compatible styles and creating a mix within the collection, the visual language, and the brand’s communication.

You can see that there is passion in this project, and it is precisely this feeling that has led the company to be where it is, and we are not referring to the growth rate of between 90% and 130%, but to be practically present all over the world, as its clients come from countries such as Germany, France, the UK, and the USA. Two new segments they would like to cover are Asia (Japan, Korea, and China) and the East. Will they succeed? Probably yes, it will be a matter of time.

By now you are probably interested to know where you can buy some of the pieces from Racer Worldwide. At the moment they don’t have a physical store, but they tend to be all over the world creating pop-ups, where to access them you only need to meet one requirement: to be patient, because there is usually quite a long queue. Once you’ve entered the pop-up store, you’ll be able to soak up the brand’s universe and enjoy the whole shopping experience.



As if all this wasn’t enough, and in case you’re still wanting more, the team behind the company has recently been working on the creation of a documentary series that delves into their manifesto, which can be summed up in three words: Youth, Community, and Freedom. The two-part documentary series features members of the team and shares the history and values of Racer Worldwide as they present their “world” in podcast format to the international press. The series is packed with archival footage, photos, and videos from the past that no one has ever seen before.