Fraser Miller was born and bred in Bristol. His passion for making and designing clothes came from his mother.

His graduate collection main focus is the passing down of clothing from one sibling to the next. The idea is that the following child, after the first, can then change the garment by unzipping a cuff or sleeve and changing it for a different one. This promotes a sense of sustainability and steers clear of fast fashion.

The knit textures and patterns mostly came from the wallpapers, curtains, tiles, and sofas of the 70s, 80s, and 90s that decor his family abode. Another influential contributor to the collection was his family’s heritage. From kilt wearing fisherman of Aberdeen to minimalistic Danish Scandinavians.

These key aspects of my heritage I truly tried to incorporate in my designs. I looked at the fisherman’s knots, cable jumpers and daily lifestyles, which all inspired me to incorporate cords, fair isle patterns, and kilts. Whilst contrasting that with the clean straight lines of Danish architecture and interiors“. – said the designer

Photographer: Jade Berry
Designer: Fraser Miller
Models: Michael Moorcroft & Austin Wood