Danny Feng is a fashion design graduate 2020 from the ArtEZ University of Arts in the Netherlands. His designs focus on pushing the boundary of menswear.

I aim to create menswear that is not so serious with a sprinkle of humor and sarcasm. Story-telling is an essential component of my work. My concepts often are built on a fictional world or story setting I create.”

Feng’s collection titled SUGAR-COATED tells a fictional version of his personal story growing up. It portrays the journey of a group of misfit hikikomori boys from dealing with social anxiety and fear to seeking out the feeling of belonging, till finding pride and confidence and fighting for a place in this world. The sugar-coating they put on because of social discrimination will wear off eventually, and they won’t be so sweet anymore.

With this collection, I try to shine some light on the subject of mental illness and social discrimination, as well as to pay homage to my journey and the Japanese anime/manga culture that heavily influenced my youth.”


Design / Styling / Graphic: Danny Feng @dannyflai
Photography: Team Peter Stigter @teampeterstigter
Models: @bo.meeusen @dantevanelburg  @floydthepastor  @riklenferink