June 26, 2024, is a date that those who are part of the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED Madrid), a leader in superior education in fashion and design, will not forget since that day was successfully celebrated at the Jorge Juan Space its 30th anniversary and its already emblematic fashion show under the concept “Celebrate the Future”, accompanied by a Fashion Talent Award, which promotes continuity in the sector and recognition/visibility at the professional level.

Some well-known faces of the Spanish fashion industry, design and communication professionals, and the jury, in charge of deciding which of the proposals shown there would become the winner, on this occasion was “La Oficina” by Jaime Naddaf, came to the location.

The winner of the first edition of the platform created by the organization to give visibility to future fashion icons conquered everyone present through his universe, where criticism and his vision as a social being play an important role, without affecting the functionality or usability of the garments, and leaving covered in his work a wide spectrum of typologies, some of them transferable to the needs of everyday use, while others are more sculptural.

But Naddaf was not alone, he was accompanied by his colleagues, designers who will be worth following closely and who also presented their collections and defended the validity of new crafts, reflections on success, the debate on identities or the common past, treated from a creative and technically accurate point of view. Their names are: Patricia Rodríguez, Alejandra Ferrero, Ana Montesa, Javier Álvarez, Paula Fernández, Vanessa Espiedra and Rodrigo Fernández.

Congratulations to IED Madrid for its thirtieth anniversary and to all the participants of the Fashion Talent Award, especially to Jaime Naddaf, that in addition to winning the award, obtained a master’s degree to continue his superior education at the school.