Summer, good weather, an afternoon with an incredible sunset, live music, graffiti and free artisan ice cream. What else? We had a great time at the ARNETTE Summer Jam in Barcelona.

Everyone with their favorite ARNETTE eyewear: the Catfish was a hit. An improvised contest was organized between skaters, fighting for glasses as a prize with the public and its applause as a jury. DJ Cucut was playing in the background with the best funk, soul and electronic tracks while the sun went down, and the graffiti artist Pablo Astrain painted a big mural full of details with the ARNETTE in the middle.

It wasn’t a surprise, many fans had requested her ticket just to see her. We meet Sara Socas on the stage, the artist who debuted in 2019 in the freestyle rap fights and became one of the only two women to take part in the contest. The Tenerife born presents her latest project, ‘TNF-MAD’, in an exclusive concert for ARNETTE, establishing herself as one of the most assertive and talented artists in the industry. Sara Socas defies stereotypes, looks for her place and creates from a zero pretentious place, simply being herself, which has led her to captivate thousands of listeners who, through her verses, seek to feel represented within the musical panorama.

ARNETTE is not only synonymous with attitude and creativity but also with urban music and good vibes.


Thank you ARNETTE for this incredible way to start the Summer

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Photography by @leafhopperproject for FY!