I’m interested in approaching a collection as a study in style codes and designing into how people wear clothes in real life, not on Instagram,” says Heron Preston, author of the Spring/Summer 23 collection for the brand that bears his name and which he founded and creatively directs.

Preston has been smart and has decided to take to the streets to analyze first-hand what real people (not celebrities), who are the ones who really consume and buy fashion, are wearing. Fashion, according to Heron, is quite clear and defined, given that by analyzing the 36 looks he has recently presented we can see how two things predominate: the biker aesthetic and work clothes.

Is H.P. a “motopapi”? Sure Rosalía would give him that title without any problem at first glance, given that many pieces have to do with the aesthetic that predominates in the singer’s album, such as the leather jackets and biker trousers or the gloves and caps with urban details with which several of the looks are combined.

Workwear, on the other hand, has always been present in the designer’s collections, but this time they return and are presented in a cleaner way, as far as design and materials are concerned. Starting with the subject of materials, which is quite important nowadays, Preston is strongly committed to sustainability and eco-friendly materials known as LED products, using for example exclusive eco-friendly denim made from Coreva, which is an innovative fiber originally inspired by salami gut and developed by the Italian company Candiani Denim. In addition to this, the yarns are made of natural rubber and not petroleum derivatives. As for the design, clean as we said, in the case of the jackets they appear with almost no logos; logos that of course do not appear on the tailoring garments either, a part that Heron was really excited to play with. Tailoring codes were broken and completely reimagined, as can be seen in the backless suit jacket that Preston categorizes as genderless or the lace jacket.

One thing that is and will remain? The designer’s orange labels – impossible to forget them!

Take a look at the collection below: